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Search engine optimization - How To Use To The Open Directory Project
08-20-2014, 01:58 AM
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Big Grin Search engine optimization - How To Use To The Open Directory Project
Since it only works WORD searches not SEARCH PHRASE searches Open Directory differs than google. So much for yo...

They say once that you're listed in the Open Directory Project you'll be listed every-where else, it is also know as DMOZ. The reason being the open directory project is handled by people who hand pick the sites that are shown. Google respects this and frequently automatically gives the URL of the link that is picked to go into the Open Directory Project to its pages. Get more on our favorite partner essay - Click here: linkemperor.

Open Directory differs than aol as it only works WORD searches not SEARCH PHRASE searches. Therefore much for the advanced keyword embedding methods. So your description for OP should prevent pluralized terms unless they're apt to be in search queries. On the plus side, Open Directory enables you longer descriptions than on Yahoo, but the group publisher (who is very individual in this case) might modify you down.

To use visit the service. Type-a simple problem that is likely to be used by someone trying to find the contents of the site you are distributing. Identify further on an affiliated encyclopedia - Click here: link emperor results. For instance, if your website is lab diamonds try searches like 'inexpensive lab diamonds' or 'quality manufactured diamonds.'

Once the research results return, the results may contain a small 'type' subheading.

- After you've considered the outcome of many searches and likely categories, go through the single type that you feel is best suited to your site. This link will take one to the group page.

- In the bottom of the group page, click 'Submit a Site.' This will bring up the Open Directory submission form.

- Submit your website. Most of the common practices are appropriate. Make a note of the class you submitted to.

The 'official' waiting period for Open Directory is 3-6 days. Learn more on this affiliated use with by clicking link emperor. If you don't get listed within a reasonable amount of time a polite email for your type editor may speed the process along..
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